a peom i wrote in 1982


Ask him.
Ask him what really happened
on the beach that day.
Ask him if it's true.
What did really happen?

I long for you.
I long.
I need to long for you.
I long to belong.
A sense of belonging.
But I need to be alone.

But I don't remember how you left.

Alas, alas, and all that crap,
I hate the hate, my hate, I hate.
I love to love my love and loving lost.

Take down your lamps of shining pride
And love for loving's sake.
Begone foul lost.
Begone fool lust.
Begone you trickery twist,
You coiled distorted twist of gripping lick,
You trunked and garbled ugly fuck.

© Nik Allday 2000