SenLab labelling software

Take a look at SenLab address labeling software by clicking this hypertext link!

Now if it is labeling software you want you can hardly do better than SenLab from Sente Limited.  It's no good for CD labelling and fancy stuff like that but if what you want particularly is address labels and you are fed up of being led to hell and back with applications like Microsoft Word and it's amazingly difficult "simple" labeling features then get a copy of SenLab and you will get those labels printed easily in no time at all.

Is this an advert for SenLab?  It sure is.  The software is a rare delight to use.  It works first time exactly as you expect and it does what it says on the can (so to speak).  It can print pages and pages of labels without putting a foot wrong.  I simply can't recommend it enough

It is good for those Christmas Card envelopes that seem to increase every year.  It is good for making herb and spice jar labels.  It is good for making club badges and place names for dinner parties and it is great for making those little flags for sandwiches at buffets and the like.

Take a look at SenLab labeling software by clicking on this link ---> SenLab labelling software

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