Oh and I do a bit of biking too.

my blue K100LT at Bolingbroke Castle

This is a picture of my K100LT. G413 BGM.  I could always remember the registration cos it stood for "bloody good motor".  And it was.  I did quite a few thousand miles on it before we became first an aeroplane and then a boat.  My trusty steed sacrificed its life whilst saving me.  It, unfortunately, bounced a lot and crashed into a concrete pipe housing.  I flew gracefully through the air and landed in the river unhurt.  It was what they call a high side in motorcycling circles.  In fact we had a lot of adventures together, but that's what bikings all about.  We were banned from the public highway for 6 weeks once.  The policeman's "proof" that I was doing some ridiculous speed was "Well I had do do 140 mph to catch you."  I nearly pointed out that you could do 140 to catch a snail, but sense overcame me, and I didn't.  Since we got banned anyway I wish I had.

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